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As we aim to simplify your workflow, we meticulously simplify our products. We don’t believe in building functionality just for the sake of it, and only introduce features that truly improve your user experience and control.

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Project management made simple

Say goodbye to clunky project management software that nobody wants to use. Cerri’s simplified enterprise solution streamlines your workflow, so you can accomplish more with confidence that you’re in control.

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One stop shop

Create, manage and share all your projects, tasks, due dates, teams, and files with Cerri’s simple and effective platform and email/calendar plugins.

Notifications and Reminders

Get notified of progress on assigned tasks, completed tasks, and reminders for when to follow up.

Task management

Assign individual and shared tasks. View task completion status by person. Create and copy task lists. Schedule tasks for effective planning.

Personalize your interface

Configure your workspace to work for you. Organize information, project items, tasks, priorities and files in your preferred structure.

Smartlists, reports and tagging

Generate custom views. Demonstrate the value of your work. Tag projects, tasks, files and people to easily find them when needed, and quickly surface connected items.

Personal efficiency tools

Use one system for both personal and team projects. Break down to-do’s for any project or task, and prioritize them with time-sensitive lists.

Team collaboration for the win

Cerri helps synchronize your teams in an environment that’s easy to adopt by everyone. With our effective communication tools, teams stay informed, focused, productive and accountable.

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Total team alignment

Share projects, files, assignments, goals, feedback and more with internal and external teams and guests without needing dedicated environments or training.

Permission controls

Collaborate with external customers and suppliers with complete control over who can access specific information and files.

Shared projects and tasks

Assign common projects. Create shared tasks and deadlines. Improve accountability and accomplishments towards common goals.

Activity threads, digests and notifications

Stay updated on the details of any item in the system. Select which notifications you wish to receive to avoid information overload.

Multilingual collaboration

Configure Cerri in your preferred language for effective communication, whether in the same office or across the globe. Cerri is available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Email and calendar integrations

Reduce redundancy by scheduling reviews, approvals, reminders and more through Cerri or your synchronized email and calendars (more on integrations below).


File management you can count on

Utilize Cerri’s powerful, flexible and reliable file sharing and storage capabilities with peace of mind that your files are secure, and always available. Save time and energy by centralizing files in one place that you and your team can easily access from anywhere.

Store, Secure, Organize & Share Now

Enterprise-level security and backups

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, your files will always be available with full protection from hacking and data-loss, plus deep backup and restore.

Permission-based access

Control the files that specific users can view, edit and create on the project level. Change permissions at any time.

Any file type, any storage system

Manage, store, share and preview any file type or link without restriction. Use whichever file storage system preferred or required by your internal and external teams.

Large, specialized files

Easily share, transfer and store files that require more memory and bandwidth without having to use an external transfer service.

Comprehensive file structuring

Easily view the files you use on a daily basis. Organize, categorize and tag your files for quick access without tedious searching. Create custom file categories to fit your project needs.

Email integration

Save files from your email to tasks or projects. Share and update files in Cerri to reduce email attachments. Archive original email communications without alteration.


Content management to improve your flow

Effortlessly organize and categorize your content to ensure you and your teams have instant, easy access the information you need. Cerri combines Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management into one platform, so you can minimize multiplicity and work smarter.

Smart content starting now

Content consolidation

Centralize access to any information from integrated applications without duplicating data.

Content organization

Efficiently access individual and company-wide data. Create custom project-level or system-wide file categories for coherence and conformity. Categorize information with tags.

Collaborative workflows

Work on the same content to eliminate overlapping versions. Update information in shared projects and tasks, and enable update notifications for relevant teams.

Controlled access

Protect your content from unauthorized access and data loss with Cerri’s project and role-based authorization, and write-protected capabilities.

Storage and archiving

Save content for as long as you need. Easily access content with powerful filtered search capabilities.

Compliance, check.

Meet regulatory compliance requirements. Cerri monitors your information processes from their creation to implementation so you can rest easy.


Did we mention security?

Security is one of Cerri’s most fundamental features, and plays an intrinsic role in our development process. Collaborate with peace of mind that your information is protected against cyber intrusions and data loss with Cerri’s best-in-class security methods, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Host Cerri behind your company firewall to meet regulatory compliance standards.

Cloud and private cloud

Utilize Cerri’s secure PostgreSQL database server, SSL usage, and multiple certified data centres. Deploy stringent authentication methods and mobile security applications.

Security measure control

Apply strong encryption for content in transit or at rest. Manage your own encryption keys. Select the region(s) where your content will be stored. Utilize Cerri’s access and log features.

Secure cloud

Meet enterprise regulatory compliance standards.

Very secure private cloud

Your own dedicated environment hosted on Cerri’s secure server network.

Maximum security and control On-premise

Host our product on-premise behind your company firewall.

Need some help convincing IT?

Security is one of the founding pillars of Cerri Enterprise Apps and plays an intrinsic role in the development process of the software.

Integrations to make your life easy

By integrating with multiple email and calendar programs, Cerri makes it simple to work from your preferred applications. Stop wasting time switching applications and duplicating information. Create and add items from one application, and sit back while they automatically update everywhere else.

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Syncs with Google Apps

Cerri integrated with the Google family of apps to allow you to create projects and tasks directly from your Gmail inbox. Track Google Documents across users and plan projects within your Calendar.

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Integrates Outlook & Calendar

Plan your work schedule in Cerri or your Outlook calendar. Cerri's simultaneous, two-way alignment means you can add information and attachments to projects, and archive emails into Cerri. Stay on top of deadlines and avoid double booking by using Cerri's Outlook calendar integration.

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Coming soon: Salesforce & SAP

Align your project, sales and marketing teams. Streamline business processes and enhance customer relations all around.


Cerri on-the-go

With Cerri’s iOS app you can collaborate and be productive from anywhere. Create and share projects and files, assign tasks, and follow up on received notifications straight from your mobile device. Feel free to step away from your desk without missing a beat.

What's coming next to Cerri

Based on customer desire, we are excited to continue adding more apps that help you achieve more at work. Here's a sneak peek of what we're building.

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Effort and Time Tracking

Gain detailed insight into your team's time spent on projects and tasks.


Manage your supply chain and inventory in our simple and effective interface.


Illustrate your project timelines for optimized personnel and project planning.

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