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Work better together

Our apps are built to help you focus on your own work as well as work with others. We provide all the tools, including mobile, needed for your team to share ideas and work with anyone, anywhere.

Collaborate from anywhere

From email to task. Cerri not only allows you to create tasks directly from your Outlook or Gmail account, you can also assign them to your internal or external team members. Cerri will keep it organized and follow up with personalized reminders.

Stay informed. Stay in the loop and up to date on all items that concern you choosing your notification settings. Cerri will inform you in real time on comments, progress, and any other changes made to items you are collaborating on.

Get things done with team collaboration

Free your mind. Unload your projects, tasks and files into Cerri, invite team-members and let it do the following up for you. With all your project information safely stored and organized in one place, and with real time notifications keeping you informed, you can focus on your daily work and priorities together with your team.

Focused communication. Comment directly on shared files and tasks to save time. Integrate your customers and suppliers as full collaborators or guests so you can work together with them on projects and tasks.

Multilingual collaboration. Work with your international teams in 6 languages. Whether in the same office or across the globe, everyone can choose and collaborate using the interface in their preferred language.  Cerri Enterprise Apps is available in English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Stay ahead, use your own workflow

Don’t miss a thing or just stay in the loop. Set your notifications to keep yourself informed on what’s important to you. Receive as much information as you want, as it happens.

Map your personal workflow. Create your personal workflow. Break up larger tasks into to-do lists to help you prioritize and focus on what needs to be done.

Do it once, be efficient. Cut out work repetitions. Get reviews, approvals and important information in time without having to follow up with countless emails. Cerri is made to help you keep track of it all simply.

More features

File Management

Easily store, categorize, sync and share your files with internal or external teams.

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Project Management

Easily manage your projects, company initiatives or next product launch and automate your work processes.

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Content Management

Classify your content either with tags or smart lists and take advantage of Cerri’s smart folder structure.

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