Security, Mobility & Integrations

Standard enterprise-compliant security measures

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Security is one of the founding pillars of Cerri Enterprise Apps and plays an intrinsic role in the development process of the software. Our approach safeguards your data from any intrusions, ensuring its availability, integrity and confidentiality are protected.

Whether you are using Cerri Enterprise Apps as a cloud or on-premise solution, you can collaborate with ease of mind as the highest security standards are consistently implemented.

Secure and scalable

Rigorous authentication. Single page sign on and advanced data encryption mean your account and data are further protected from outside intrusion. (Your encrypted login data is transmitted via TSL (new SSL) or HTTPS port/443).

PostgreSQL database. Cerri runs on PostgreSQL, the award-winning open source database. PostgreSQL offers an uncompromising stability which safeguards from any inconsistencies or loss of data in case of system or power failures.

International data centers. We have several data centers around the world and comply with the European Union Security Standards; providing you with maximum data protection.


Cerri on the go. Just download our iOS app to collaborate from anywhere. Create projects, assign tasks and follow up with notifications wherever you are; so you don’t miss out on anything, even on the go.


Our integrations are built to enhance the way your team works, without disrupting their habits. Thanks to our easy access API, you can now work from your preferred programs within a single secure environment.

Get the most out of your applications by seamlessly integrating them with Cerri, and see how much easier it is to collaborate.


Seamlessly connected

Optimal scheduling. Synchronize your Microsoft Outlook and/or Google Calendars to Cerri for a harmonized work space. The simultaneous two-way synchronization supported by Cerri allows you to have full visibility of your tasks and commitments in all your environments; simplifying scheduling and prioritizing.

Work with your preferred email apps. With Cerri’s plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Office 365  and Gmail, you can collaborate directly from your email. Easily convert emails to tasks or assign new tasks directly from your email account with a few simple clicks. Define all the details straight from your inbox and let Cerri organize and store it for you. Save your email attachments straight into the desired projects in Cerri.  

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We give your team everything it needs to share ideas and work with anyone, anywhere.

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File Management

Easily store, categorize, sync and share your files with internal or external teams.

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Project Management

Easily manage your projects, company initiatives or next product launch and automate your work processes.

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