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Project management simplified

Efficient project management software is all about collaboration, organization and structure. With Cerri, clarify your work processes while making sure everyone is on the same page. Manage all your projects and company initiatives through a simple and effective interface.

One place for all your projects

Create, structure, manage. Define projects, add tasks, set due dates and share them with the right people, including guests. Manage your daily work efficiently by organizing your projects in the folder structure that best suits your work.

Organize your work. Manage your tasks and organize them by project and priority. Keep track of your upcoming tasks as well as those you assigned. Follow up on due dates and physical progress at a glance with this project management software.

Work efficiently

Stop switching. Avoid losing time switching between different applications to get things done. If you are in your email inbox, just create tasks or convert an email to a task directly from there and let Cerri organise, store and notify for you.

Prioritize your work. Add personalized to-dos within tasks to keep a clear checklist and stay on track at all times. Tag projects and tasks with keywords for customized follow ups at a glance.

Work together with your calendars and email

Schedule and plan. Synchronize Cerri with your Outlook and/or Google Calendars. The simultaneous, two-way synchronization will allow you to have all your events and due dates aligned so you can always see what to focus on next.

Convert emails into tasks. Creating a new task and sharing it with the right people has never been so easy. With Cerri’s email plugins you can convert emails directly into tasks and assign them in just a couple of clicks.

More features

Content Management

Classify your content either with tags or smart lists and take advantage of Cerri’s smart folder structure.

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Security, Mobility & Integrations

Our multifaceted approach protects your data from attacks while ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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We give your team everything it needs to share ideas and work with anyone, anywhere.

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