File Management

Have all your files securely at hand, organized and ready to share

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Secure files at your fingertips

Manage, store and share your files with internal or external teams. Whether cloud or on-premise, the data and documents you keep in Cerri are kept secure,  organized and immediately available for use.

Smart file management

Share from your inbox. With Cerri’s seamless integration, you can save and attach files directly from your email account inbox to existing tasks or projects, and trigger automatic notifications to your team.

Fewer attachments. Share and update files in Cerri and free yourself from the impracticality of email attachments. Save time and energy by keeping single document versions in one place that you and your team can easily access from anywhere, anytime.

Organize your files

Smart file organization. Everything which has been shared with you and your team, or has been created by you, will be captured and find its way into the right project.

Structure your files. The project and the file category system allows you to give structure to your files. Simply customize your file categories so you can sort out the files that matter to you whether contracts, financial reports, minutes, CAD files, etc.

Everything at a glance. Categorize and tag your items so you can instantly view the data you need at any time without any tedious searching. Everything shared with or by you is stored and archived in your Cerri for as long as you need.

Sensitive business data in safe hands

Cloud & On-Premise. Share information and documents under the highest security standards. Whether cloud or on-premise, you can rest assured that the data you store in Cerri is rigorously protected against unauthorized access. See Security, Mobility & Integrations

Keep control. Define different access rights for teams, partners and clients. This ensures that you always have control over who has access to your shared data, and to what extent.

All files in one place. Upload any file type directly to Cerri or link them from another application; now all your documents can be managed within a single secure environment.

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