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Manage your enterprise content with ease

An important contributor to company efficiency is the successful organization and classification of company-wide data, ensuring that the right people have access to all the right information.

With Cerri, all necessary content is at your fingertips. Classify your content with tags or Smart Lists and benefit from Cerri’s practical folder structure so it’s always easy to find what you need when you need it.   

Cerri’s project and role-based authorization system, together with write-protected capability, means your data will be protected from unauthorized access and data loss.

Everything stored in Cerri will be archived and available to you for as long as you need.

Your digital workspace

Collaborate on content. Cerri provides you and your internal/external teams with an easy-to-use team collaboration platform on which everyone can comment on any item at any time. With collaborative workflows, any information you add, edit or update in shared projects and tasks will be reflected simultaneously and communicated to all teams across all relevant environments.

Consolidate your content. Cerri combines Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management in one platform. With Cerri you can minimize multiplicity and save precious time by consolidating content from your email and on other applications.

Well managed content

Keep all content organized. Cerri provides you with a practical structure to help you manage content from the individual to company level. Get a comprehensive overview of all your content by sorting out the documents that matter to you whether it be contracts, financial reports, minutes, CAD files, etc. Use the folder system to organize your own content as you wish and to best fit your personal workflow and create categories to classify enterprise-level content and enable cross-team organization.

Archive securely. You can securely archive all necessary information in your Cerri for as long as you need. Your data will remain protected from unauthorized access and data loss.

Work smart using Smart Lists. Create custom Smart Lists by defining criteria like time frames, keyword tags and team members; to pull out new combinations of information you want to see. This feature enables you to get targeted overviews and report on content creation and change.

Capture, manage, access, deliver

Find what you seek. Tagging your documents with keywords makes it easy to quickly find your files when you need them. With Cerri’s advanced search functions you can also filter your search results.

Everyone on the same page. With Cerri you can be sure that your team is always working on the same content within tasks, rather than working on various versions of documents via email.

Compliance. Cerri allows your company to meet its regulatory compliance requirements with ease. It monitors your information processes from their creation to their implementation and provides necessary information when needed.

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Security, Mobility & Integrations

Our multifaceted approach protects your data from attacks while ensuring the availability, integrity and confidentiality of your data.

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File Management

Easily store, categorize, sync and share your files with internal or external teams.

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