Cerri + Slack

Create tasks and delegate from within your chat environment

Connect Your Slack with Cerri and Keep Your Team Aligned

If your company is using Slack in order to chat internally, it only makes sense that you connect your Cerri platform in order to create, edit, and assign tasks right from your chat environment. Now with Cerri, you’re able to keep everyone on the same page by connecting Cerri with Slack by adding it to your Slack environment.

Seamlessly Create Tasks

With Cerri’s Slack integration, you can create a task without leaving your chat.

All you need to do is enter the name of what you want done after the /task command in the chat window.

A new task will be automatically created in your Cerri account.

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Assign Collaborators

The benefit of using Slack is that you can interact with your community, and now Cerri lets you collaborate with them too!

Simply by entering /task @username task_name

You’ll be able to kick off a new assignment right in your Slack environment and automatically assign a task to the user.

Secure and In Control

Cerri and Slack communicate through a trusted network, which makes sure than none of your information makes its way to an unintended party.

Utilize Cerri’s secure PostgreSQL database server, SSL usage, and multiple certified data centres. Deploy stringent authentication methods and mobile security applications.

Apply strong encryption for content in transit or at rest. Manage your own encryption keys. Select the region(s) where your content will be stored. Utilize Cerri’s access and log features.

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