Cerri + Microsoft

Working together so you can work better

Upgrade Your Microsoft Outlook with Cerri

For your business to thrive, you need your most trusted applications to work together. Cerri and Microsoft’s close integration means your team can work from their preferred environment, while information gets automatically updated across applications.

Email That Moves Projects Forward

Create tasks from your inbox and watch them make their way to the right people and projects in Cerri.

Convert emails into tasks that live within Cerri and become actionable to-dos.

Archive emails in Cerri. Store emails and attachments within designated projects and let Cerri follow up with personalized reminders.

Real-Time Calendar Syncing

Two-way calendar synchronization. Cerri’s simultaneous, two-way calendar alignment with Outlook helps you stay on top of deadlines and avoid double-booking.

Plan work in your preferred calendar. See events from your Outlook calendar in your Cerri calendar, and vice versa. Any changes will be reflected in both calendars in real-time.

Stay informed. Whether viewing your Cerri or Outlook calendar, you’ll see all the relevant information you need.

Contextual SharePoint Files

Effortlessly organize files in projects. Files stored on Sharepoint or OneDrive get organized in Cerri according to your tasks and projects.

Give context to your files. Files that are linked to project folders and task cards are stored in the context of your team’s work.

Govern who sees what. Project permissions in Cerri offer an added layer of security for your project documents.

Secure and In Control

On-premise. Host Cerri behind your company firewall to meet regulatory compliance standards.

Cloud and private cloud. Utilize Cerri’s secure PostgreSQL database server, SSL usage, and multiple certified data centres. Deploy stringent authentication methods and mobile security applications.

Security measure control. Apply strong encryption for content in transit or at rest. Manage your own encryption keys. Select the region(s) where your content will be stored. Utilize Cerri’s access and log features.

How can we make your job easier?

We are constantly improving our platform and adding new apps based on your feedback. Help us to build the best project collaboration solution for you and your team.