Enterprise project collaboration software that teams love and IT managers trust.

With Cerri you get the simplicity and control that you need, with security and track record that IT managers depend on.

We understand enterprise needs, and want to help you thrive

Built on 20 years of experience, Cerri helps even our largest partners manage projects like an agile startup.

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Why Choose Cerri?

Cerri provides simple yet powerful team collaboration and project management solutions to improve project workflow, and align teams towards common goals.

Designed with minimalism and usefulness at heart, our family of productivity apps prioritizes an intuitive, enjoyable user experience without sacrificing security.

Simplified solutions that simplify your life.

Managing multiple projects and teams can be complicated.
Your project management software shouldn’t be. We design apps that all technical skill levels can easily adopt to help productivity, not hinder it.

Free up your headspace and boost your accomplishments by organizing all your tasks, priorities, deadlines, files and more straight from your email.

No need to switch between applications, duplicate information or worry about things slipping through the cracks. It’s all right there where you need it.

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Achieve your goals, together.

Share projects, files, assignments, goals, feedback and more within one secure environment—even from your mobile device.

Allow internal and external users to collaborate without needing a complex dedicated environment or training. Easily manage permissions so your private information stays private.

Choose your notification settings to stay connected, but avoid information overload. Relax with the confidence that you and your teams are informed, focused and accountable.

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Security to meet your needs, on-premise or in the cloud.

With 20 years of enterprise compliance experience built into our core, Cerri provides solutions for all levels of security tolerance to guarantee your peace of mind.

Cerri is proud to be the only on-premise enterprise solution designed with a modern, minimalist user interface. Good riddance to over-engineered in-house systems!

If you prefer the cloud, register online and get instant self-service access from anywhere with the assurance of Cerri’s best-of-breed security.

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How can we make your job easier?

We are constantly improving our platform and adding new apps based on your feedback. Help us to build the best project collaboration solution for you and your team.

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