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Cerri has your back. And your data.

You have more important things to do than worry about your data security. So, keep your peace of mind and confide in Cerri's 20 years of enterprise compliance experience. 

Work in your preferred deployment type without sacrificing security. Know your data is safe, whether you choose Cerri's easily accessible cloud solution or its equally minimalist and modern on-premise solution.

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Cerri gives you the simplicity and control you need; and IT managers the security and track record they require.

Always connected to achieve more

Control multiple projects and teams directly from your Outlook or Gmail inbox and calendar thanks to Cerri's integrations.

Free up your headspace and boost your accomplishments by organising tasks, priorities, deadlines, files and more straight from your email.

Stop switching between applications, duplicating information and worrying about things slipping through the cracks. It’s all right there where you need it!

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Helping you thrive by understanding your needs

Ready for some serious team collaboration, improved workflows and having your teams aligned towards common goals?

Get more done, with less effort. Easy and intuitive, Cerri is fun to use and simplifies your work; allowing you to do more, and do it better. 

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We’re using Cerri to manage remote healthcare projects and couldn’t be more pleased with it. We work between many western and african companies and governments so we needed the security beyond what mid-market project management software could offer us. That, and the ability to work together in a multilingual platform, being an international organization, won us over.
My team has nothing but positive comments about their experience using Cerri, as do I.

Hassan Chraibi

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